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Agro tourism


11 April 2018

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Sri Lanka is an agricultural country and agriculture plays a vital role in the economy of the country contributing 12 GDP and 38 employment opportunities (Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 2010). Majority of the population of the country is in rural areas and the livelihood of most of these people is directly or indirectly related with agriculture. However, agriculture now has reached a relative stagnation situation due to many problems in the sector such as high cost of production, low productivity of farm lands, poor marketing and processing facilities for agricultural products. Because of these problems, most of the people are moving out of agriculture and migrating for urban places finding jobs. This creates many socio-economic problems in rural as well as urban areas. Hence, adding extra income generating activities either through new enterprises on the farm or off-farm employment to sustain the field of agriculture would certainly enhance the economy of rural people. One of these activities is agritourism that can help to find extra income, employment, and economic stability on their existing assets sustainably

Agriculture is the most familiar industry for the rural people in the country and also barriers to entry the agritourism are fairly low as in comes under Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs). Small-scale farms already have many of the assets that visitors seek. It can absorb the extra labour available in rural areas. When these factors are concerned, agritourism is highly suitable for Sri Lanka.

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